Sunday, January 20, 2013

Space City: NASA Johnson Style

NASA Johnson Style.

NASA, not cancelled.  Gone viral.  Gangnam-style.

4,269,411 4,278,668 4,405,050 4,973, 712 views.

Well, a few more, actually. Because I keep watching it over and over.

Stellar job!

Each year, NASA Pathways interns create an outreach video to commemorate their NASA experience.  This year, they took it past the stratosphere, huh?

"Psy" is played by Eric Sim, a North Carolina State grad and now a propulsion systems engineer on the Morpheus project.  Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, who had missions on the Space Shuttle Endeavor and the International Space Station appears.  Astronaut Clayton Anderson has the best dance-off ever.  His NASA work included a stint on the International Space Station.  Telling Psy to take a hike is astronaut Michael Massimino (Space Shuttles Columbia and Atlantis).  Appearing in other astronaut cameos are Mike Coats (former director, three flights on Space Shuttle Discovery) and Ellen Ochoa (current director, four flights on Discovery and Atlantis).   Other participants included Brian Schwing (Ohio State), Ronak Dave (Purdue), Gary Jordan (Penn State), and Adam Naids (graduate of Embry-Riddle, now full time at NASA as a hardware development engineer).  The finale includes 50+ other scientists, engineers, and JSC "extras."  Keep calm and NASA on, indeed.

Four mil hits later. . . is anyone in Washington watching?  If so . . . take note, Beltway types, of attention on a grand scale.  Our part of the International Space Station is managed here.  Johnson Space Center is here.  Mission Control is here.  As in "Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed."  Our museum at NASA houses a live craft from every major American manned spaceflight program.  (OK, so maybe future programs may share a private angle. . . and Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin is in BFE Texas, but hey, it's still in Texas and he went to elementary school here in Houston anyway).

Now give us back our shuttle, dammit.

Enterprise, GalaxyWire
One of the few times Texquiem has gone truly apoplectic?  See here.  I can't gather even a veneer of "let's civilly discuss it."  Fact:  no one is visiting NYC to see the shuttle.  It's, like, number seventy-two hundred on the tourists' list of things to do there.  They aren't able to do right by it, either, it seems, so just go ahead and send it home.  As in Johnson Space Center, Houston.  Come home to mama, baby.  We love you here.  NASA Johnson Style.


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