Saturday, February 16, 2013

All Starred Out at the Galleria


Did you hear?  The Galleria is full.  Full as in "can't fit one more person" full.  Full as in closed until tomorrow full.  In fact, it hit capacity at 8:15 tonight and no one else can come in.  Come back tomorrow!

Kobe Bryant al la Galleria
So many people descended upon the Galleria for NBA All Star sightings, product sales, Jordan XX8 shoes, and the Jordan lounge. . . they closed down the Galleria.

Seriously, traffic around the Galleria slowed to 14 mph at about 1 pm and hit a glacial 6 mph tonight.  In fact, the police shut off the exits on Loop 610, all along the Galleria, this evening.  All you locals thought you'd be cute and take the backroads?  Nope.  You soon found they were full and slooooow, too.

"That's messed up," says finicky girl child, "someone might actually want to buy something in there."

Reminds me of evacuating for Hurricane Rita.  Except with Gucci and Air Jordans, this time.

Photo: Photos are POURING in of the Houston Galleria shutting doors due to large crowds, but what does it look like OUTSIDE? 'SHARE' with any family or friends who might be in the area and send in YOUR photos:

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Did you get surprised by the All Star traffic?

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