Wednesday, December 5, 2012

For Sale: Houses, First Ward

Bike trail to the Heights, seen twice--once with a camera.  September 3, 2012.
One reads:

For Sale: houses
like halved pears stripped skinless

golden in heavy syrup,
on a small plot -- memorial lawn
where scattered stones, where
Joseph's bones buried in weeds
and sunflowers -- sparking wires
twist toward heaven
from abandoned soil
The other:
For Sale:
Steps to no porch,
door to no room
The First Ward
this sunken ground, this muddy yard
between bayous, this basin
beneath Houston's heights,
collecting bones since the Civil War

Dead soldiers, dead dogs -- skeleton strays --
guard these vacant lots, these unmarked
graves waiting to be built over.

Vacancies, Mission Year Arts Project, installed summer 2011

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