Sunday, November 4, 2012


Tucked behind this facade used to be a dusty little lighting shop whose specialty was antique and vintage fixtures.  Cue the girl with an old porch light in hand, just  <ahem> a few years back, who opened the door.  Instead of the overhead array of lights rescued from Montrose-area teardowns and re-do's was a view much more inviting.  I set down the porch light and sat down at the bar.

Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar.  That's a mouthful, and it doesn't seem that anyone calls it more than boheme.  But no need to burnish the name.  It's fair to say there's not a bad seat in the house or garden or patio.  But I most often return to the warmth of the wood and stone bar--the best vantage to take it all in.  The old brick walls, antique lights (don't think they're hold-overs from the shop but I'm going to pretend they are), changing art, indie-vibe waiters and barkeep, this place glows.

Sometimes you just have to stray from your usual vino (and I have abiding loyalty to a hearty glass of cab).  Try the sangria.  Or a little something with jasmine.  Or that spiced rum and hibiscus cocktail I had last night.  What's its name?  Sorry. . . got distracted by the cake under glass cloches at the bar.  And mmmm, savory lamb samosas.  Little golden empandas.  Prosciutto and rosemary pizza.  I happily digress.


Got your eclectic on?  boheme, 307 Fairview, between Montrose and Taft.

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